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Why online personal training actually works for busy parents

July 19, 2019

Online personal training mom

I think we can all agree: parenting is tough.

Whether you’re a mom or dad — raising tiny humans into responsible members of society is a lot of work. As parents, we prioritize the needs of someone else, which makes it easy to ignore what we need to do for ourselves.

I’m a mom of a 4-year old and 5-month old. And even though I’m a personal trainer, on busy days, even I catch myself finishing off uneaten chicken nuggets instead of making a healthy lunch. And when you spend the day trying to keep your little ones entertained, or distract them from “decorating” the house with markers that you hope are washable or rushing from soccer games to dance practice — who has time for a workout?

Trainer Moma

That’s why online training is a great option for busy parents who just don’t have a ton of time. I see it work for my clients every day. Online training sessions give them the flexibility to work a good workout into their busy lives.

Here are five reasons why online personal training works:

1. You can work out with a trainer at home — or anywhere else

When you can video chat with your trainer, you don’t need to load your kids in the car and drive to the gym. Get your sweat on at home during nap time or at the park when the kids are at soccer practice. We can workout with you anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection

2. Online workouts are easy to squeeze into your schedule

Parents are tight on time. Sometimes, the only moments you have to yourself are before the kids wake up or after they’ve gone to bed — well outside of normal business hours. With an online fitness coach, you can squeeze in a workout anytime. Vitality Fitness Delivered has trainers in different time zones. If it’s super late or absurdly early where you are, you can still connect with a trainer that lives in a time zone where it’s a more reasonable hour.

3. You can bring your kids to the workout.

Kids usually aren’t allowed on the gym floor, but we won’t care if you bring your little ones along to your online training appointment. In fact, we applaud you for it. You’re showing your kids how important it is to exercise and live healthily. Setting that example while they are young creates healthy foundations for them to grow on.

4. Online workout sessions are affordable.

Most personal trainers charge upwards of $50 for a single session. There goes the college fund, right? Which brings me to another perk of online fitness training — it costs less than traditional in-person sessions. Way less. Our online training packages are priced as low as $19 a session (that’s less than half the cost of an average in person session).

5. Online trainers keep you accountable.

When you’ve been chasing kids around all day, it’s easy to skip out on the gym. But it’s a lot harder to ditch fitness when you’ve scheduled an online session with a trainer. Online fitness coaches keep you accountable. And because starting your workout is as easy as answering FaceTime, you have no excuse to cancel.

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