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How much does a personal trainer cost

July 5, 2016

how much does a personal trainer cost

How much does a personal trainer cost?

The cost of a personal trainer depends on two variables:

  1. Their employer
  2. Their demand

Personal training is the most effective way to achieve any fitness goal. Why? Because you work with an expert who knows the most effective methods for your body type. If everyone in the world had a personal trainer, we would see a drop obesity and those related diseases in just three months time. However, you are about to learn an unfortunate trade secret about most of the personal training industry. In gyms, trainers are paid by sales commission. Which means your trainer must be foremost a salesperson to get paid and they are paid only a percentage of what they sold you. The commission based pay drives up the price of personal training and the focus drifts from the clients needs, to the urgency for a sale. A personal trainer's average cost in the U.S. is $50 per session.

If a trainer is overbooked at a gym, the trainer can charge more, upwards of $100/session. But, most folks can't afford the cost of an "in demand" trainer for the amount of time it takes to successfully achieve their fitness goals. And let's not forget the amount you pay in gym membership fees each month. Which is why online personal training is becoming so popular. Online fitness training is just as effective as in person fitness training, but for less than half the cost. Vitality Fitness Delivered is one of those online companies offering live online personal trainers.

Once you get serious about your fitness goals, this is the actual calculation you should do to determine the REAL cost of a trainer:

Time it takes to achieve fitness goal X's number of sessions per month X's price per session = the amount you will ACTUALLY pay for real success

Let's make an example of a 20lb weight loss goal for a female that's 30yrs old. Who is a member of a gym or training studio:

3 months X 12 sessions per month X $50 = $1,800 + Membership fees

Here's the same example with Vitality Fitness delivered online training price:

3 months X 12 sessions per month X $19 = $684 + nothing

That price difference speaks for itself, but really the point is that the cost of a personal trainer should be affordable enough for you to be supported all the way through to your fitness goal, not just until the money runs out.

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By Victoria Hartt

how much does a personal trainer cost

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