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Success Stories

We don't push sales, we push our clients. Our clients are successful because we specialize in building personal health and wellness plans tailored to the individual-- not applying some cookie-cutter exercise and diet formula. We establish healthy life habits with motivation, inspiration, and researched based information.


She lost 55lbs working with VFDs in home exercise and nutrition coaching!*


Simon began his journey at 274.6 lbs, and could barely do 1 push up. So far he has lost 54.2 lbs, and now CLAPS between push ups! He is loving this new feeling of health and vitality so much he said, 'I'm never going back!'*


Julia has been using VFD personal training for about a year, has lost 90lbs and feels better than ever. She ran her first half marathon a few months ago, and is signing up for another! Nice work Julia!*

Chuck & Kathy

Chuck and Kathy have proven that retirement can lead to serious healthy life changes with Vitality Fitness Delivered. They have been diligent, patient, and have worked very hard! Good job you two!! *


Charles has worked with us for 4 months now, and has lost 60lbs! He is on track to hit his goal weight before summer. Good job Charles!*

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond lost weight and felt stronger than ever. By the end of a 2 month training and nutrition program they were able to happily hike Madonna Mountain. *


Sal had been training with VFD for only 3 months in these photos. Having lost a total of 29 lbs Sal is able to sleep better, and feels stronger and healthier. What a stud muffin! Keep it up Sal!*


Hailey started out never having run a mile in her life. After 4 months of online personal training with VFD, she successfully ran her first half marathon, and has lost 35lbs! Way to go Hailey! Your hard work is paying off!*