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Meet one-on-one with your own virtual personal trainer for live corrections, encouragement, and motivation.
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Online Group Exercise Classes

Book virtual workout classes that will leave you wondering why you ever drove to the gym. You’ll get personal encouragement, and alternative adaptations for your needs or limitations from your virtual fitness class instructor. Just $29/month for unlimited classes, and you can try your first class free.

They can see you and you can see them!

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Our online personal trainers are highly educated, certified, and have years of practical experience. Our clients are successful because we specialize in building personal health, and wellness plans tailored to the individual.

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I've tried every diet under the sun! All leaving me frustrated, and back where I was before I started... now my life is changed forever and there's no going back.

- 48yo Female VFD Client

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Elvis Arevalo - Personal Trainer

Show up to your appointments. Just. Show. Up. Fitness WILL follow.

- Elvis Arevalo Personal Trainer