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Taking On Challenges

September 12, 2017

mud run

What is a fitness challenge? Fitness challenges come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Yes, even colors! Challenges like Color Runs can be fun a way to set short term goals, get in shape, include your friends and family and get motivated!

How do you pick one? From running a mile to running a marathon, doing a pushup to bench pressing your body weight, every challenge should have a good mix of pushing yourself both mentally and physically.

If you’re the type of person who needs a group to get energized or motivated, then a group class might be the perfect challenge for you.

If you’re more of a “techy” person, or the kind of person that likes to track numbers, quantify data and have a goal every day to aspire to, then devices like Misfits, Fitbits, Apple watches and Garmins can be great tools to help keep you accountable and working hard.

Or both! Programs like DietBet or StepBet can be a great interactive way to set goals, place bets, and engage with a community who has the same goals and is tailored to you, the individual.

Challenges like this are unique in that they not only give you a rewarding challenge to strive for (both physically and monetarily), they give you a measureable task, keep you accountable, give you a satellite group to interact with, and are competitive (but mostly with yourself). The goals can be short or long term. The nature of the game provides encouragement, incentives and rewards.

Short term challenges like these help you see results so you don’t get bogged down or discouraged with the long term goal that is too far down the road to see.

The challenges you pick don’t necessarily directly have to be a part of your long term goal. For example, if your long term goal is to lose 50 pounds, choose a local 10k charity or Color Run you’d like to do with your friends. Training for and getting in shape to do these events will indirectly lead to better health and weight loss.

These challenges should be something fun and entertaining that make getting in shape a more enjoyable experience. Don’t be afraid to try something new and embrace the challenge!

P.S. If you are interested in a stellar workout, try the Big 3 Workout!

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