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Realistic Weight Loss Goals

December 31, 2018

realistic weight loss goals

When setting realistic weight loss goals we often take an unrealistic approach to achieve them. Frankly, it's not your fault. We live in a world bombarded with far too many empty promises when it comes to the health and fitness industry. Our goal with this article is to help you reconnect with realistic weight loss goals that will not only work but also keep you inspired on your journey.

Getting Comfy With Slow Weight Loss

We know, slow weight loss is not exactly an inspiring goal. But what is inspiring about slow weight loss is that this pathway often keeps weight off for longer periods of time. There is a reason why you've heard that losing 1 to 2 pounds per week is more realistic than rapid weight loss. Getting comfortable with the idea of slow weight loss is totally based on mindset. This goal has very little to do with your fitness actions, and far more to do with the internal work required to live a healthy lifestyle. Take some time to learn why the journey will be worth it and how you can enjoy the journey knowing it will be rewarded.

Tracking Progress for Inspiration

We've chosen “tracking your progress” as part of our realistic weight loss goals because evidence tends to be hard to dispute, and it makes us look at things in a more realistic light. When we see evidence on a piece of paper, or in a journal, or an online log, it is hard not to be inspired by all of that hard work. Furthermore, progress tracking can help you build a better relationship with food, and to see food for what it really is. Sometimes food will reveal itself to be a fair-weather friend, (thank you ice cream on a sad day) and on the flip side, food will show you how it can fuel your body. Tracking these elements allows you to build a relationship with food and whether or not you want to continue that love affair.

Build a Relationship With Your Body

The fitness industry has notoriously separated self from the body. Instead of relying on the relationship between the two, the fitness world and its messenger (the media), has pitted the two against one another. Building a relationship with your body should be a realistic fitness goal of the highest priority. You cannot hit your body goals by using a broken self to do it.

As a weekly practice, and perhaps even a daily one, take the time to remind yourself of all the things that your body is capable of. When we start a fitness journey we tend to focus on all the things that our bodies cannot do for us, creating negative interaction between mind and body. You can want more from your body and still love it for what it is able to give you. Concentrating on that relationship will help you hit your goals with fewer hurdles.

Eliminate the Deadlines

Weight loss is not a destination contrary to what every fashion magazine or social media fitness post would like to convince you of. Think of it this way, when you hit your ideal weight are you just going to stop working out and taking care of yourself? Of course not, you will continue your evolution, even if that is maintaining what you’ve earned, or taking yourself and your body to the next level. We suggest eliminating the deadlines associated with weight loss even if that means you have to look great for your upcoming high school reunion. A deadline will only cause you frustration on your road to living a healthy lifestyle.

Get Health Holistic

Time and time again we see articles that talk about setting up small weight loss benchmarks to help you stay inspired to hit your goals. While we can't dispute that this can be a great strategy to help you with realistic weight loss goals, we don't want you to lose sight of the holistic picture of your health. Small goals disconnect you from “the why” of your weight loss journey and have you focus on short-term gratification. A holistic look at your health would include understanding the things that you will be able to achieve when you get healthier, how your weight loss will open doors in other areas of your life, and how your identity will change as this new amazing healthy person.

If you have any questions about hitting realistic weight loss goals, please don’t hesitate to start that dialogue with us. Bring us all of your questions and let’s start building a healthy body and mind!

realistic weight loss

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