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So What Is Live Online Personal Training Anyway?

July 9, 2018

online personal training

Personal training has evolved a lot over the years. Gone are the days of joining a gym, paying an exorbitant amount of money for two sessions, scheduling those sessions a month in advance, and sleeping through them and losing all your money. Nowadays, everything is about the online personal trainer. But “online personal trainer” doesn’t actually mean physically training with instructors nowadays. It means getting in touch with a trainer on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, etc., paying for a meal plan and/or exercise plan that is delivered in spreadsheet form, and talking to that trainer once a week (if that!). While meal and exercise plans are great, that’s not personal training. Here at Vitality Fitness Delivered, we do LIVE online personal training.

So what IS live online personal training? It’s actual real, true personal training, just in different locations. At Vitality Fitness Delivered, our trainers lead actual workouts with their clients via Skype. The sessions last 30 minutes and involve actual face to face contact. The workouts are of course tailored to the client and are given in real time. The trainer will demonstrate the moves to the client and then critique/push/encourage/cheer on the client as they work their behind off on the other side of the computer.Now, let’s talk about why live online personal training rocks and is the best form of online personal training.

First of all, live online personal training is the best form of accountability. With typical online training, there is little to no accountability. You’re given a meal plan/exercise plan and told to stick to it. But if you slip, will your trainer know? Absolutely not. If you miss your workout, will your trainer know? No, because they’re not invested in your day to day workouts, just the workout plan. With live online personal training, you’re held accountable because you’re face to face with your trainer on a weekly basis. There is no lying, no cheating. Your trainer is watching your body change, watching you make your workouts and achieve your goals. AND you can work out in your own home! So that eliminates any excuses you may have when it comes to in-person personal training, excuses like, “I overslept! I missed the bus! The commute to the gym is too far!” It’s hard to make excuses when you’re working out with a certified personal trainer in your own living room!

Secondly, it’s much safer than typical online personal trainer. Most online personal trainers give you a basic exercise plan with little to no instruction. This can be very dangerous, especially if weights and strength training are involved. Proper form is important and a trainer can’t critique your form if they’re not watching you work out. With live online personal training, like what we do at Vitality Fitness Delivered, the trainer is watching your every move and will give you critiques and helpful hints on how to achieve the best form. With proper form comes accelerated fitness potential and that can only be achieved with live personal training.

Finally, live online personal training is the best bang for your buck. It’s way more affordable than the insanely priced personal training packages offered at gyms and way more effective than a generic, one size fits all meal plan given to you by some random Instagram trainer. Well-priced AND effective? That’s the best of both worlds! Don’t believe us? Inquire about our training packages and we’ll talk :)

In short, live online personal training is truly the only way to go when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Vitality Fitness Delivered pioneered the live online personal training method and we can’t wait to meet you (face to face!) to help you achieve your goals!

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