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November 26, 2018

online personal trainer

I’ve been a personal trainer for four years. I love helping people reach their goals, watching them succeed, pushing them to find their limits, and guiding them towards health. It’s incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.

But, today’s world is all about technology. Being a personal trainer isn’t just about meeting clients at a gym for a single session once a week. That’s about as outdated as a floppy disk or Blockbuster Home Video! Today’s world has everything online… so why are you still treating your health like you did in the ‘90s?

Online personal training has changed the game and given me a completely new perspective on my job. Nowadays, I don’t just talk to my client once a week at the gym. I’m communicating with my clients every day, learning about their life, answering questions, being available to them if they need support. I can track their meals with online apps, get an actual look at their nutrition and food choices. Thanks to heart rate monitors, I can see how hard they pushed themselves and if they have room to grow. And thanks to technologies like Skype and Facetime, I can work with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

That, perhaps, is the most rewarding aspect, the ability to reach people I otherwise would not have reached as a trainer in a gym in New York City. I’ve helped women across the country lose 30 pounds for their wedding. I’ve helped soldiers in Iraq put on ten pounds of muscle. I’ve done workouts with clients in completely different time zones but we’ve been able to connect, face to face, and I’ve been able to motivate them to push just a bit harder. It’s really incredible.

Personal training is amazing but online personal training is even better. I’m proud to be an online personal trainer and I can’t wait to help my clients from all over the world achieve their goals.

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