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How to Lose Weight Fast

July 5, 2017

Summer has arrived and the heat may have you dreaming of sunny days at the beach or lake. If you feel the need to drop a few pounds before slipping into your summer apparel, and fast, then keep reading. Losing weight fast can be done safely when the intention is to reach a very short term goal. However, you may find that many of these tips are effective at maintaining a healthy body weight far beyond summer.

There are 2 main keys to unlocking fast weight loss: planning & commitment.


Meal Planning

I once heard someone say that we don’t always have time to exercise but we always have time to eat. Many of us dread the thought of meal planning, but the truth is, if losing weight fast is your goal, this is the most important part of your strategy. Plan to:

  • Make a menu for your day (and stick to it!)
  • Pack your own meals/snacks (avoid processed foods)
  • Eat 5 small meals (keep your metabolism up)
  • Incorporate high fiber vegetables into every meal (to help you feel fuller longer)
  • Forget about grains for a while (helps reduce bloating & inflammation)
  • Drink about 1 gallon of water (start with 8oz as soon as you wake to boost metabolism)

Workout Planning

We all get busy and unfortunately, exercise often gets put on the backburner. Try to look at your schedule for the week and physically mark out the time you have to exercise. To help you stay committed and using your time effectively, plan to:

  • Schedule your workouts (even break up your exercise throughout the day if you must)
  • Workout first thing (ideal if you find daily responsibilities snuffing out your workouts)
  • Try exercising with a group or buddy (for both commitment & healthy competition)
  • Mix it up; be sure to incorporate both Cardio & Resistance training for max results!
  • Try HIIT (maximize your workout time with High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Consult a online personal trainer (we are to help you attain your goals!)


Don’t be fooled by online quick fix pills or beverages. Studies show that by choosing a fad diet, you are likely to regain more weight than you initially lost. Whereas the real results reaped from actual habit changes can be life lasting and life changing. Remember to eat real foods, exercise throughout the day, and incorporate natural anti-inflammatory foods and beverages into your diet to help remove water weight so you can look swimsuit ready heading into your summer activities!

Yours in Health,

Megan Risley

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