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Hiit, not a spelling error.

April 5, 2016

With summer fast approaching, many of us find ourselves with some extra holiday pounds, but without any extra time! High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, is a great way to promote weight loss, burn more fat, boost your metabolism, and save you time!

I know what you're thinking: that sounds too good to be true. As the name suggests, though, it is high intensity--and hard work!--but the results are worth it.

HIIT is the method of quickly switching between high and low levels of physical exertion. An example of this would be sprinting for 30 seconds, and then walking for 30 seconds, repeating the cycle for 5 repetitions, or for a total of 10 minutes. As with any exercise, it is important to warmup and cool down.

HIIT is not limited to just running, though. You can turn most exercises into a HIIT workout, such as jump roping, burpees, cycling, swimming, the elliptical, or any combination you can come up with, by applying the same concept and principals.

The benefits of HIIT are numerous and lasting: improved anaerobic and aerobic endurance, faster workouts, and elevated mood. Some studies show that it can increase metabolism for up to 48 hours, helping to burn 50% more fat than traditional "steady state" cardio, such as running at a set pace for 30 minutes, or cycling for an hour.

Incorporating a HIIT regimen into your workout routine 2-3 times a week can be a quick and effective way to help jumpstart your fitness!

P.S. If you need help with exercise selection, see our latest blog post.

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