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Once You Get a Custom Fitness Plan, You Will Never Go Back!

July 10, 2018

custom fitness

Fitness and weight loss are hot topics nowadays. From Instagram to infomercials, trainers, dietitians, and Kardashians are offering products and plans to help you achieve your body goals. However, have you ever looked closely at these plans? Most of them are generic recipes that have been recycled over and over again. To achieve your goals, you don’t need some tired one-size-fits-all trick to get the job done. What you need is a customized fitness plan tailored to your individual needs, wants, circumstances, and goals.

Now, don’t get me wrong; those recycled fitness plans might work in the beginning. There is a standard recipe for fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight? Take in less than you burn. Do you want to build muscle? Lift more weights and fuel your body. These are formulas that all humans are familiar with and any generic plan following these formulas will work at first. They might even work for the first month or so.

However, weight loss/muscle gain does not just require a month of dedication. It requires long-term commitment and planning. It’s not just a diet or a plan; it should become a lifestyle. And this is why one-size-fits-all plans just don’t cut it. How can you possibly make a major life change when the changes don’t take your personal circumstances into account? Would you follow a diet plan that told you to eat eggs every day even though you hate eggs? Would you adhere to a fitness schedule that required you to run at least five times a week when you’ve never run a day in your life? The answer to both questions is no. Most people that try to mold their life around generic plans end up quitting and/or failing because the plan wasn’t sustainable.

That’s where customized plans come in. Your new, healthy lifestyle shouldn’t come ready made in a box— it should be crafted around your abilities and goals. Are you someone that needs to end with something sweet at the end of the day? Boom, that’s in your plan. Do you want to run but you’re unsure of how to start? A customized running schedule can help make that dream a reality. Customized fitness and meal plans ensure long-term success because they are molded to you and your needs. It’s easier to make a lifestyle change when you’re not veering too far away from your personal wants and desires; And it’s harder to give up on something that takes your preferences into account. Your goals are unique to you. Shouldn’t your plan be unique to you as well?

And the best thing about customized plans? If something doesn’t work, you can just change it! Generic, quotidian plans generally have little to no wiggle room to make adjustments when things go south. Customized fitness plans are not only molded to your lifestyle, but they can be adjusted as time goes on, further ensuring long-term success.

Interested in customized fitness plans? Our trainers and coaches are here to help. Here at Vitality Fitness Delivered, we believe that each client deserves their own custom fitness plan. We take the time to listen to your goals, your preferences, and your abilities and we create a plan around you. We aren’t some random robot sending you diet plans; we’re living, breathing humans that are dedicated to finding exactly what works for you. That’s why our clients have had such amazing success. Come try us out! But we should warn you— once you try a custom fitness plan, you will never go back :)

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