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Confessions of a Trainer

July 1, 2016

I'm going to reveal a truth about personal trainers. We aren't super fit all the time. Sometimes we gain weight, find it hard to get motivated, and eat ice cream for dinner. We ebb and flow in our fitness level just like everyone else. Tonight a client and friend of mine challenged me to run hard. I felt like I was dying as I've stopped running these last few months, and gained 10 lbs. I can tell you I felt those ten pounds with every heal strike as the miles went on. Now, some of you may be thinking, "Pshhh, I can't run 1 mile and she's complaining about running 4 miles?!" Some of you are thinking, "Wow she's a trainer, and she struggled through 4 miles?!" We all have different levels of fitness. Complying to ANY workout regimen is hard, but the feeling of willing yourself through something hard is so good. Not to mention good for you. Julia Bluff inspired me to suck it up, and start running again. So, I hope you may also be inspired. No matter where you're fitness level is right now, you too can start again.

By Victoria Hartt

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