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Calculating Weight Loss

April 6, 2017

calculating weight loss

It may still look like winter in your neck of the woods, however swimsuit season will be here before we know it. With the vision of beaches, lakes, and pools in mind, you may soon find yourself stepping on the scale more frequently to monitor your weight. If you have a weight loss goal for 2017 it is never too early to get started making a plan to successfully reach that goal.

According to the American Heart Association, weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is a safe and maintainable rate. Yes, you can certainly jump into a fad diet or take fat burners to lose 10 pounds fast, however, you should also expect that weight to be just as easy to gain back. By setting a weight loss goal of 1 to 2 pounds per week, you will be utilizing exercise and diet habits that are maintainable and realistic. Below are a few simple formulas to help you calculate a realistic weight loss plan and monitor your weight loss percentage as you make progress.

Formula 1: Calculating Weekly Weight Loss Rate

Let’s find out if your goal weight is safely attainable by your target date:

  • 1st: Weigh yourself 1st thing in the morning (write down that number)
  • 2nd: Write down Goal Weight
  • 3rd: Calculate Pounds to Lose by subtracting goal weight from weight today
  • 4th: Choose specific date to attain goal weight - ex. July 4, 2017
  • 5th: Divide weeks into pounds = weight loss per week

*Ask yourself if this is a realistic goal?

Starting Weight: 180 lbs
Goal Weight: 145 lbs
Weight to Lose: 35 lbs
Time: 19 weeks
Weight/Time: 35 lbs / 19 weeks

Weight Loss / Week: 1.8 lbs/week

*Yes this is realistic, but I need to be aware that some weeks will be better than others and to stay positive.

Formula 2: Calculating Weight Loss Percentage to Date

Creating a weight loss plan is the easy part; sticking to that plan is the challenge. Using the following information, check in once a month to calculate your percentage of weight loss and celebrate your success.

Let’s find out what percentage of body weight you’ve lost to date:

  • 1st: Weigh yourself 1st thing in the morning (write down that number)
  • 2nd: Calculate Loss by subtracting starting weight from current weight
  • 3rd: Multiply loss by 100
  • 4th: Divide by Starting Weight = % weight loss

Starting Weight: 180 lbs
Current Weight: 166 lbs
Weight Lost: 14 lbs
Multiply: 14 lbs x 100 = 1400
Divide by Starting Weight: 1400/180

Total % Weight Loss: 7.7%

Whether you are just starting on your weight loss journey, or you have been working hard since well before the new year, Vitality Fitness Delivered is here to ensure you are on a realistic path to success. Feel free to contact us at any time as we are here to help you realize your ideal physical self.

Written By Megan Risley

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calculating weight loss percentage

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