About Us

Vitality Fitness Delivered (VFD) is a small online personal training business located in San Luis Obispo, California. We were founded on the principle that most people struggle to exercise on their own. No one doubts the need and benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, but people battle with the knowledge and motivation to live that way.

To put yourself through something hard, and uncomfortable is difficult to say the least. Your flame of motivation starts to fizzle out, and then that treadmill you bought turns into a dust collector. We specialize in keeping the flame lit so you can become healthy and remain healthy the rest of your life. No need for professional models to sell you fancy equipment or magic supplements. You just need some trustworthy information and some direction to get going.

This is not a typical "personal training" business. Our employees are highly educated, certified, and have years of practical experience. We don't push sales, we push our clients. Our clients are successful because we specialize in building personal health and wellness plans tailored to the individual-- not applying some cookie-cutter exercise and diet formula. We establish healthy life habits with motivation, inspiration, and researched based information.

Your health and wellness is not a phase of life, but rather, a way of life.