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“What an awesome way to workout! I’ve worked out for years but this is the first time I’ve experienced the trainer coming to me. I’m able to pick the time and days that work with my schedule. The trainers are very knowledgeable and more than willing to listen to what I desire from my workout. It’s a great way to stay healthy!”

- Marty Cunningham

“Great company! Really flexible with scheduling and always a killer workout! Their trainers are always motivating and encouraging. I like the one-on-one personal touch and how they cater to what I need. I look forward to our session every week!”

- Jennie Wiens

“VFD is awesome! I've been lucky enough to work out with several of their trainers, and they've all been great workout coaches. Fun, patient, and super adaptive to my level, I always get a great workout without feeling in over my head.”

- Andrew Goldberg

“If I can give 1000 star review I would do it!!!, Tailor is the best trainer I have ever had, She is experienced and the most important thing is that she pours her heart, she genuinely cares about her trainee's success and not a just do the training.

And I wanna thank Victoria for sending me a scale when she found out that I don't have access to one with high weight scaling capability.

The best training place ever, They work by heart and passion rather than by obligation.”

- Mohammad Alsayeh

“Victoria and company bring a great repertoire of various exercise routines. I enjoy the variety, and I feel like it really gets me pumped and challenges me!”

- Addison Grant

“Started with him home training. It was great. Hard to give an excuse when the trainer is at the front door. Have been using FaceTime to train for the last year. Just as easy to accomplish at a great price.”

- Brian Ellis

“Finally, after multiple gym memberships, exercise videos and trying on my own, I am in shape and 20#s lighter. Thank you VTD for changing my life (and health) for the better!!! I have back, hip and neck issues and Victoria was able to adapt all exercises to avoid pain and still get benefits. Great nutrition advice too.”

- Elizabeth Harned